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Absente 49
Brand: Absinthe
Absente 49
Type :Herbal Liqueur
Country :FranceFrance
Herbal Liqueur
Liqueurs made by macerating or distilling herbs, spices, and botanicals, resulting in complex and aromatic flavor profiles used as aperitifs, digestifs, or cocktail ingredients.
Absente 49 is a modern interpretation of the classic Absinthe, infused with wormwood and a blend of botanicals. It offers a complex and herbal profile with hints of anise, fennel, and citrus.
Tasting Notes
Rich aroma of anise and fennel with subtle herbal undertones. Smooth and velvety on the palate with flavors of wormwood, licorice, and a touch of citrus. Lingering finish with a balanced bitterness and a hint of sweetness.
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