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Johnnie Walker Private Collection
Brand: Johnnie Walker
Johnnie Walker Private Collection
Type :Blended Scotch
Country :ScotlandScotland
Blended Scotch
Scotch whisky made by blending malt and grain whiskies, offering a balanced and smooth flavor profile with notes of malt, oak, and peat.
JW Private Collection is a series of limited edition releases showcasing the artistry and innovation of Johnnie Walker's blenders. Each release in this collection features rare and unique whiskies, curated by Master Blender Jim Beveridge, resulting in whiskies of exceptional quality and character. JW Private Collection is perfect for collectors and connoisseurs seeking rare and distinctive whiskies.
Tasting Notes
Tasting notes may vary depending on the specific release within the JW Private Collection series. Each release is crafted to highlight different flavors and characteristics, offering a diverse range of tasting experiences for whisky enthusiasts.
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