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Vermut Lustau Blanco White
Brand: Vermut
Vermut Lustau Blanco White
Type :Bitters & Aperitifs
Country :SpainSpain
Body :Light
Bitters & Aperitifs
Herbal or botanical liqueurs often served as aperitifs or digestifs, with a bitter or herbal flavor profile, used to stimulate the appetite or aid digestion.
Vermut Lustau Blanco White is a Spanish vermouth crafted with a blend of fino and moscatel sherries. It offers a refreshing and aromatic experience, perfect for aperitifs or cocktails.
Tasting Notes
- Aroma: Floral and citrus notes with hints of herbs and spices. - Taste: Crisp and clean, with flavors of green apple, lemon zest, and a subtle bitterness from botanicals. - Finish: Bright and refreshing finish with a lingering herbal complexity.
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