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Ricasoli Chianti
Brand: Ricasoli
Ricasoli Chianti
Type :Italian Varietals
Country :ItalyItaly
Grape :Sangiovese
Body :Medium
Red grape variety widely planted in Italy, producing wines with bright acidity, moderate tannins, and flavors of cherry, herbs, and earth, most famously associated with Chianti wines.
Italian Varietals
Red wines made from various Italian grape varieties, offering a wide range of flavors, aromas, and styles, reflecting the diversity of Italy's winemaking regions.
Ricasoli Chianti is a classic Italian red wine from the Chianti region in Tuscany, known for its elegance and versatility. It showcases flavors of ripe cherries, red berries, and spices, with a smooth, dry finish.
Tasting Notes
- Classic Italian Chianti wine from Tuscany - Flavors of ripe cherries, red berries, and spices - Smooth, dry finish - Elegance and versatility
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