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Limu Limencello
Brand: Limu
Limu Limencello
Type :Fruit Liqueurs
Country :ItalyItaly
Fruit Liqueurs
Liqueurs infused or flavored with various fruits, offering a wide range of sweet and fruity flavor profiles used in cocktails, desserts, and as digestifs.
Limu Limencello is a modern twist on the classic Italian limoncello, infused with additional botanicals for a more complex flavor profile. It's known for its citrus-forward taste, aromatic herbs, and smooth finish, offering a unique and refreshing experience for the palate.
Tasting Notes
Aroma of lemon zest, herbs, and subtle spices. The palate features bright citrus flavors layered with hints of botanicals and a touch of sweetness. Smooth and well-balanced, with a clean and refreshing finish. Enjoy chilled as a digestif or mix in cocktails for added complexity.
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