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Limoncello Del Lago
Brand: Limoncello
Limoncello Del Lago
Type :Fruit Liqueurs
Country :ItalyItaly
Fruit Liqueurs
Liqueurs infused or flavored with various fruits, offering a wide range of sweet and fruity flavor profiles used in cocktails, desserts, and as digestifs.
Limoncello del Lago is a traditional Italian liqueur made from the zest of lemons steeped in alcohol and sweetened with sugar. It's known for its bright citrus flavor, refreshing sweetness, and vibrant yellow color, making it a popular digestif or ingredient in cocktails and desserts.
Tasting Notes
Intense aroma of lemon zest and citrus oils. The palate bursts with zesty lemon flavors, balanced by a smooth and syrupy sweetness. Refreshing acidity provides balance, leading to a clean and invigorating finish. Serve chilled as a digestif or use in cocktails and desserts.
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