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Le Calvados De Christian Drouin
Brand: Le Calvados
Le Calvados De Christian Drouin
Type :Flavored
Country :FranceFrance
Whiskey infused with additional flavors such as fruits, spices, herbs, or botanicals, offering a wide range of unique and often sweetened flavor options.
Le Calvados de Christian Drouin is a premium French apple brandy crafted in the Normandy region. It's made from a blend of apple varieties and aged in oak barrels to develop rich flavors of ripe apples, caramel, and spice, making it a luxurious digestif or ingredient for cocktails.
Tasting Notes
Aroma of baked apples, caramel, and oak spice. The palate features flavors of ripe apple, cinnamon, and hints of toffee. Silky-smooth texture with a warming finish. Perfect for sipping neat or using in classic cocktails like the Applejack or as an ingredient in desserts.
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