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Jnoon Red Wine
Brand: Jnoon
Jnoon Red Wine
Type :Other Varietals
Country :IndiaIndia
Other Varietals
Red wines made from lesser-known grape varieties or blends not classified under specific categories, offering unique and diverse flavor profiles.
Jnoon Red Wine is a rich and flavorful red wine with origins in the Middle East. Crafted from a blend of select red grape varieties, it offers ripe fruit flavors and a velvety texture. Perfect for pairing with grilled meats or hearty Mediterranean dishes.
Tasting Notes
Aromas of ripe berries, plum, and hints of spice. Full-bodied and velvety on the palate with flavors of black cherry, fig, and tobacco. Smooth tannins and a lingering finish. Pair it with grilled lamb, beef kebabs, or moussaka for a delightful dining experience.
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