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Jeiw Prosecco Rose
Brand: Jeiw
Jeiw Prosecco Rose
Type :Prosecco
Country :AustraliaAustralia
Grape :Glera
Body :Medium-Full
White grape variety used to produce Prosecco sparkling wine, known for its floral aromas, crisp acidity, and delicate flavors of apple, pear, and peach.
Italian sparkling wine made from the Glera grape, offering a light and refreshing flavor profile with notes of apple, pear, and citrus, often enjoyed as an apéritif.
JEIW Prosecco Rosé is a sparkling wine made in the traditional Prosecco style, with the addition of Pinot Noir grapes to impart a delicate pink hue and fruity notes. This elegant wine is perfect for celebrations or casual gatherings.
Tasting Notes
Aromas of ripe strawberries, red cherries, and floral undertones. Crisp and refreshing on the palate with flavors of fresh berries, citrus, and a hint of peach. Fine bubbles and a lively acidity lead to a clean, dry finish. Enjoy it as an aperitif or pair it with light appetizers, seafood, or fruit-based desserts.
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