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Harveys Bristol Cream
Brand: Harveys
Harveys Bristol Cream
Type :Bitters & Aperitifs
Country :United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Bitters & Aperitifs
Herbal or botanical liqueurs often served as aperitifs or digestifs, with a bitter or herbal flavor profile, used to stimulate the appetite or aid digestion.
A classic Spanish sherry blend from Harvey's, Bristol Cream offers a harmonious balance of rich, nutty flavors and a smooth, velvety texture, perfect as an aperitif or dessert wine.
Tasting Notes
Aromas of toasted almonds, caramel, and dried fruits. Rich and full-bodied with flavors of figs, raisins, and a hint of orange peel. Smooth and luscious on the palate with a long, satisfying finish.
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