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Fandango Mezcal
Brand: Fandango
Fandango Mezcal
Type :Mezcal
Country :MexicoMexico
Spirit made from agave plants, typically cooked in underground pits, offering a smoky and earthy flavor profile with notes of roasted agave, herbs, and spices, often enjoyed neat or in cocktails.
Fandango Mezcal is a premium spirit crafted in Mexico's Oaxaca region, renowned for its traditional mezcal production. Made from 100% agave, this mezcal undergoes artisanal distillation methods, imparting a smoky, earthy flavor with nuances of roasted agave and herbal undertones. It is perfect for sipping neat or incorporating into cocktails for a unique and authentic taste experience.
Tasting Notes
- Aroma: Smoky aroma with notes of roasted agave, grilled pineapple, and wild herbs. - Taste: Complex and rich flavor profile with hints of caramelized fruit, black pepper, and a touch of minerality. - Finish: Long and lingering finish with a smoky sweetness.
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