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The English Drinks Cucumber Gin
Brand: English Drinks
The English Drinks Cucumber Gin
Type :Flavored
Country :EnglandEngland
Botanicals :Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root, Lemon Peel, Cucumber, Others
Gin infused or flavored with additional botanicals, fruits, herbs, or spices beyond the traditional gin botanicals.
The English Drinks Cucumber Gin is a refreshing and aromatic gin infused with natural cucumber flavors. It offers a crisp and clean taste profile with the freshness of cucumber, balanced by the botanicals of the gin. This flavored gin is perfect for creating summery cocktails like the Cucumber Gin and Tonic or the Cucumber Martini.
Tasting Notes
Nose: Fresh aromas of cucumber, juniper, and citrus with hints of floral undertones. Palate: Crisp and refreshing with flavors of cucumber, coriander, and a touch of citrus zest. Finish: Clean and invigorating, with a lingering cucumber freshness.
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