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Cynar Spritz
Brand: Cynar
Cynar Spritz
Type :Herbal Liqueur
Country :ItalyItaly
Herbal Liqueur
Liqueurs made by macerating or distilling herbs, spices, and botanicals, resulting in complex and aromatic flavor profiles used as aperitifs, digestifs, or cocktail ingredients.
Cynar Spritz is a refreshing pre-mixed cocktail featuring the unique flavors of Cynar, an artichoke-based bitter liqueur. Blended with sparkling water and citrus, it offers a bittersweet taste profile with herbal undertones, perfect for sipping on a warm afternoon or as an aperitif.
Tasting Notes
- Bittersweet flavor profile with distinct herbal notes - Refreshing effervescence from sparkling water - Citrusy hints adding brightness and balance - Subtle artichoke essence providing depth and complexity - Light and crisp mouthfeel - Ideal for enjoying as a refreshing cocktail or aperitif
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