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Capitel Tenda Soave
Brand: Capitel
Capitel Tenda Soave
Type :Italian Whites
Country :ItalyItaly
Grape :Garganega
Body :Light-Medium
White grape variety mainly grown in Italy's Veneto region, used to produce Soave wines known for their crisp acidity, citrus flavors, and almond notes.
Italian Whites
White wines made from indigenous Italian grape varieties, offering a taste of Italy's diverse wine regions, with flavors ranging from crisp and fruity to rich and complex, reflecting the country's winemaking traditions and terroir.
Capitel Tenda Soave is an Italian white wine from the Veneto region. It is made primarily from the Garganega grape, offering crisp acidity and refreshing citrus flavors.
Tasting Notes
- Aromas of lemon zest, green apple, and white flowers - Crisp and lively on the palate - Flavors of grapefruit, pear, and almonds - Bright acidity - Light to medium-bodied - Clean and refreshing finish with a hint of minerality
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