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Bodega Norton Chardonnay
Brand: Bodega Norton
Bodega Norton Chardonnay
Type :Chardonnay Varietals
Country :ArgentinaArgentina
Grape :Chardonnay
Body :Medium
White grape variety known for its versatility, producing wines ranging from crisp and unoaked to rich and buttery, with flavors of apple, citrus, and tropical fruits.
Chardonnay Varietals
White wines made primarily from Chardonnay grapes, known for their versatility, ranging from rich and creamy to crisp and fruity, with flavors of apple, citrus, melon, and oak.
Bodega Norton Chardonnay is a classic Argentine white wine known for its crisp and fruity character. Made from carefully selected Chardonnay grapes, this wine offers refreshing notes of citrus, apple, and tropical fruits. It has a bright acidity and a clean finish, making it perfect for pairing with seafood dishes or enjoying on its own.
Tasting Notes
- Crisp and fruity Chardonnay - Notes of citrus, apple, and tropical fruits - Bright acidity - Clean finish - Ideal for pairing with seafood or enjoying on its own
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