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44 Degree North Gin
Brand: 44 Degree
44 Degree North Gin
Type :London Dry
Country :IndiaIndia
Botanicals :Juniper, Angelica, Coriander, Licorice, Almonds, Lemon peel, Sweet and bitter oranges, Oris Root
London Dry
Classic style of gin known for its dryness and balance, typically made through double distillation with botanicals added during the second distillation.
44 Degree North Gin is a premium spirit infused with a blend of botanicals, offering a balanced and aromatic drinking experience. Crafted with a meticulous attention to detail, it showcases a harmonious interplay of flavors and aromas that is perfect for gin aficionados and cocktail enthusiasts alike.
Tasting Notes
- Crystal-clear appearance with a hint of juniper on the nose - Smooth and velvety texture on the palate - Botanical flavors of juniper, citrus, and herbs - Balanced and complex profile - Clean and refreshing finish with a hint of spice and citrus zest
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